The Chamber multiplies the effectiveness of businesses within the community by providing structure, volunteer leadership, professional staff and full-time office operation to implement an effective business organization that meets the needs of our growing community. Committee volunteers have the opportunity to share and create new ideas, while also learning more about the business community to which they belong.

The following committees, councils, and task forces carry out the work of the Chamber:
Ambassador Committee: Jan Sumner

Objective: lead efforts to increase membership by recruiting new members; foster participation by mentoring new members.

Meeting Schedule: noon, 2nd Wednesday of the month, Depot

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Business Development Council Chair: Jeff Driskill

Objective: plans Recess for Success based on issues of interest to businesses.

Meeting Schedule: 8 a.m., 2nd Wednesday of the month, Depot

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Education Committee Chair: Seth Moses

Objective: promotes business partnership with the education community; selects four scholarship recipients each year, hosts a welcome breakfast for new R-7 teachers and the recipient for the R-7 Teacher of the Year award.

Meeting Schedule: 8 a.m., 3rd Wednesday of the month, TBD

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Governmental Relations Committee Chair: Mike Allen

Objective: studies local, state and federal legislative issues of interest to businesses and prepares legislative priorities. This committee plans an annual trip to Jefferson City to visit legislators, forums on special issues and elections, and local breakfast or luncheon meetings with the legislators during session.

Meeting Schedule: 7:30 a.m., 4th Friday of the month, JKV – Manhattan Room

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Health & Human Services Committee Chair: Robin McCain

Objective: studies healthcare issues impacting the community, and provides an annual Health Care Directory to all households in Lee’s Summit.

Meeting Schedule: 7:30 a.m., 1st Thursday of the month, TBD

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Membership Committee Chair: Brian King

Objective: makes contact calls to existing members and leads efforts to retain current members of the Chamber.

Meeting Schedule: noon, last Wednesday of the month, Depot

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Oktoberfest Committee Chair: Kirby Asplund

Objective: plan the annual fall festival, scheduled for the last full weekend in September.

Meeting Schedule: 8 a.m., 2nd Friday of the month, Depot (March – September)

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Visitors Council Chair: Eric Tschanz

Objective: identifies and develops Lee’s Summit’s unique features for the purpose of tourism development and marketing.

Meeting Schedule: 8 a.m., 2nd Thursday bi-monthly, location TBA

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Young Professionals Committee Chair: Will Gibson

Objective: provides networking opportunities for Chamber professionals between the ages of 21-35. The YPs gather monthly to network, learn about the business community and engage in community service projects.

Meeting Schedule: 4 p.m., 4th Wednesday of the month, Stuey McBrew’s

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2017 Task Forces
Annual Gala Task Force: Debbie Stoddard

Objective: organizes the evening’s entertainment and solicits donations for the auction held each year at the Annual Gala held in January.

Meeting Schedule: TBA (October – January)

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Golf Task Force

Objective: coordinates the annual Chamber Golf Classic tournament held each year during the summer.

Meeting Schedule: TBA (March—July)

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Holiday Reception Task Force Chair: Dana Arth

Objective: plans and organizes the Holiday Reception held on the first Wednesday in December.

Meeting Schedule: TBA (October – December)

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